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  1. Ernie says:

    Anne\ie: Great website.I stll remember my visit the Museum insect collection.


    I’d like to consider starting a branch of the organization at the Art Serve Center in Ft. Lauderdale.How do you suggest proceed? I’m a SCORE business counselor with USADOPT; we have been looking for a new project to support. This sounds like great one.

    PS USADOPT is looking for a Executive Director. DO you know of anyone who might be available?

    Best to Tony. Ernie

    • admin says:

      Hey Ernie…. SO sorry to be so slow to get back to you… Not sure what USA-adopt does..is there a WEB SITE?.
      I could easily run one program of arts and smarts down there….. and train someone to do it down there…. I have a new film of last years group ( another hilarious and wonderful time… we admitted BOYS… and they did great ) The new film should go on my web site this week…. I use a local library and could probably have contact, or you guys could find contact at a local library there to set up a program…. I have all the curriculum and lots of the supplies.. budget wise.. usually around $100.00 per kid for one week of classes…. classes are 2 hours a day for 5 days… up to 8 kids to a class… I use volunteer helpers…. that I could train to do it down there… need someone down there to edit the film, probably… that I give the kids on the last day…… so, let me know if you guys are still interested…
      we are fine.. if slowing down here.. but Nora and Zack were here for the holidays. Nora has her Masters in Art Therapy now from NYU and is living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, hoping to work with adults… Zack is still working at an AIDS non profit..
      Health wise.. we could all complain but…. ah well… hope all are fine at your house…. still may be back down there in the spring or early summer.. all love and a happy new year to you and Anne.. Annie

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